Sexual empowerment.


"Natalia is blessed with gifts of a caring giving nature and the gentle intuitive touch of someone who is so knowledgeable the about stresses and strains of peoples bodies and minds.


To enter into her studio  and her space is an immediately calming and assuring experience


To allow her to tenderly take you from the moment you start the session to the place that, at the conclusion of the session she has created for you, can only be described as a deeply satisfying and renewing journey."

- Brenda, Torquay

"My first experience with Natalia exceeded all my expectations, Natalia is incredibly talented not just in her physical skills but also I'm her verbal communication and understanding. I feel drawn towards her and look forward with immense anticipation to the next appointment when I can continue on my tantric journey in Natalia's most capable hands"


- John, Devon



"It is close to 12 months since I first met Natalia..... I came to Natalia in search of Tantric Massage, one year later I have found, and continue to discover much more. I know that other people who have visited Natalia have described the beauty and intuitive sense of her touch, they have commented upon her caring nature and how safe they have felt in her presence. These attributes you may feel are a 'given' with such a practitioner and you would be right.

However Natalia gives more than the wonderful touch and ministrations of her Tantric Massage, though in itself that is an experience not to be forgotten.

Natalia has helped me break down the barriers and boundaries that have contained my self expression, my desires, my ability to communicate intimately with others. and mostly my fear of denial and rejection.

These are gifts she has given to me, and she continues to work with me in her unique way along a journey of tenderness, caring, giving and receiving, of learning, of fun, laughter, of challenge and above all of true enlightenment.

I am blessed to be a beneficiary of Natalia's truly life enhancing works."

- Brian, Somerset

"I was rather apprehensive at first but Natalia soon put me at ease with her calm and caring nature. We had an interesting discussion about the nature of a tantric massage and this certainly put my mind at ease. The massage itself was a wonderful sensual experience that heightened my awareness of pleasure and my body. I am already looking forward to my next visit"

- Andy, Devon

I had an amazing tantric massage in Natalia's beautiful and peaceful den in Torquay yesterday. I was a little nervous prior to the session but Natalia quickly helped me relax and I found it easy to share my concerns and anxieties with her. She offers so much more than just a massage and I now have a whole list of things I can practice on my own which should improve my situation. I recommend Natalia to anyone wanting help with any sexual issues they may have. I am now looking forward to a follow up session with this very understanding and talented professional.

- David, Devon

Before I went, I was curious and intrigued, indeed a little anxious, a silly fear of the unknown... within a minute of being in the company if Natalia I felt totally at ease and felt I had known her for years... she has a very special calming, reassuring spirituality about her, and WOW, how amazing to experience what she can do. Feelings ( and emotions) I never expected and SO pleasurable. Don;t hesitate in booking like I did !! I’ll definitely be back to continue the journey.

- Giles, Devon

If, like me the thought of going to someone like this terrifies you then I would thoroughly recommend making the call or sending an e-mail to Natalia, I have not regretted it. I found that Natalia had a kind reassuring welcome, with relaxing surroundings which helped with my nervousness. I was never rushed or forced to discuss things I wasn’t ready for. I was shown how to relax, how to recover and repair and to accept the true reasons for my issues. Each session with Natalia made me more aware of the conflict between my mind and my body and gave me something constructive to focus on in between. I finally understood what had happened to me and how the brain works and the protective rules I had still been using 40 years later that were now harming me. I am still working with Natalia on getting the balances right in my life and this is helping me to break out of the self-destructive thought patterns that had been ruling and ruining my life.


- PW, Cornwall

Intimacy requires trust. I am fearful of speaking to anyone about issues to do with sexuality and
nearly didn’t attend my first meeting with Natalia. I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t sure I
could trust anyone I didn’t know. I was soon at ease and we talked for well beyond my time
allocation and I came to trust that I was safe. Natalia is a sympathetic listener and encouraged me to
talk freely about difficult issues. I did not feel in any way pressured to accept views or actions I may
not be comfortable with. I returned for my second session involving both talking and gentle massage
and came away feeling better for the experience and having learned more about myself. I am
fortunate to have met someone who cares deeply about both the mental and physical needs of her

- Tom, Devon