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What is sex coaching?


Sex coaching is a fast developing discipline similar to life coaching and business coaching but instead of focussing on your life or business goals a sex coach will help you create your perfect intimate and sex life. Sex coaching is different from therapy in that while therapy to a large extent focusses on your past, sex coaching is all about the future. While working with a sex coach the focus is on creating steps you can take to transform your sex life.


I deeply believe that when our sexual energy is balanced and our sexual expression is free that’s when we are at our best, our happiest and our most creative. This energy then spills onto all of the areas of our life, we glow with contentment, we have a spring in our step and we are ready to face anything.

Natalia has helped me break down the fears and barriers around my self-expression, and communicating my desires.

Brian, Somerset

On the other hand when our sexual energy is neglected or repressed, when our needs are not met we are frustrated, unfulfilled and we fail to thrive. Unfortunately this also affects other areas of of lives, we are more prone to be irritable, stressed, we feel disappointment and lack of enthusiasm for life in general. We have this niggling feeling that we are missing out on something and that things could be so much better.

Who is it for?


While a lot of people are fairly content with their sexuality and their sex life I believe that absolutely everyone benefits from sex coaching. We’ve all been brought up in a culture that is largely sex negative and we would all be better off if we gave up the concerns, guilt, shame, insecurities and inhibitions we have about sex and we would all benefit from expanding our horizons and learning something new.


A sex coach can help you with particular sexual concerns, a lot of women feel worried about lack of sex drive and sexual desire or prioritise their partner’s sexual pleasure. A lot of men worry about their erections or whether they last long enough. Couples experience mismatched desires or sexual styles, sexual boredom or even complete lack of sex or intimacy in a relationship.


I help people of all genders and all ages from 18 upwards, with all kinds of concerns, fantasies and kinks. Whatever your challenge is you will be welcomed into my safe, sex positive space.


What happens in a sex coaching session?


Mostly talking, you can be completely open and honest. We will find out what your current situation is like, what you would like your ideal sex life to be and we will create a path for you to get there.


Sex coaching offers you sound and honest education and all the information you might need, filling in the gaps in your sexual education and debunking a lot of popular culture sex myths that are incorrect, misleading and can be harmful to your sexual happiness.


Part of sex coaching is exploration of who you are sexually and how your life experiences shaped the person you are today with your individual values and beliefs. To help this exploration we might do some exercises or play games to offer you insights and help your growth.

Book your first sex coaching session now to take the first step towards bliss.

How long are the sessions?

I recommend one hour per week, of course it's flexible depending on your preferences and circumstances. 

How much does it cost?

£60 per hour (in exceptional circumstances I can offer concessions).

I offer an initial 1 hour meeting at half price (£30) so we can meet face to face and you can decide if I'm the right sex coach for you. 



Ever since I discovered the Kama Sutra at age 13, I've been fascinated by sex - and also deeply saddened by all the taboo, guilt and shame around enjoying this healthy, natural pleasure.

I studied all I could find about sex and sexuality, alongside a conventional career in quantity surveying and project management, but the two just don't compare, do they? So I got myself qualified to be a sex coach, which I now enjoy full time.

I was born and brought up in Poland, but I'm now settled in Torbay, the "English Riviera", where I enjoy life with my partner and two great kids.

I cannot imagine anyone not feeling
totally comfortable with Natalia
in the warm, welcoming space of her studio.
Steve Szubert, Devon, UK

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Torquay, England, United Kingdom

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